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The best extended design Toto Toilet

The 2-piece elongated toilet TOTO CST244EF # 01 Entrance has a total water consumption of 1.28 gallons per flush or equivalent to 4.8 liters per flush and contains a two-piece toilet pack that has a white cotton finish. This elegant toilet from Toto uses E-max technology for its discharge system that makes it a highly efficient toilet as a residential and commercial toilet.

The durability is never compromised by this top class Toto toilet due to the fact that it is made of high quality vitreous china. There is also less toilet seat so you can get maximum comfort and reliability in this Toto toilet. The universal height and comfortable fit make this toilet very reliable in its construction. The elongated style of the bowl also gives it a good shape as the toilet bowl and toilet covers a length of 24 inches, so be sure to first measure the space of your bathroom at home.

The rough-in covers a length of 12 inches. Because it has been certified by ADA, you can ensure that the height of this toilet is correct. The trap measures 2 1/8 inches as a standard toilet and the filling valve also works by pilot so that at each water pressure, the closing part can be cleaned and the toilet can have a quiet operation. The soft closing seat prevents the toilet seat from hitting the uncomfortable moment and the power of the toilet siphon makes it very reliable in its operation for the toilet. You can have a 20 percent water savings in total with this Toto toilet, which has a 1 year warranty.


Toto ideal toilet with high efficiency

The Toto toilet CST474CEFGNo.01 high efficiency Vespin II has a total water consumption of 1.28 gallons per discharge or 4.8 liters per discharge and is available in white cotton, colonial white, bone and Sedona bridge. The trigger lever of this incredible Toto toilet is made of high quality chrome and the glossy coating of Sana makes it resistant to scratches and other external factors that can damage the toilet.

The enamel also prevents mold on ceramic surfaces, which makes it easier to clean in the long term and the skirt design of this Toto toilet also allows it to be easily maintained. The universal height is very convenient to sit on. The rough-in is measured at 12 inches. There is also less supply for this bathroom. The tank has a high profile design making it ideal for those who need an extra height and a tank to lean on, and China's vitreous makes it easy to maintain and gives it durability.


The Toto Vespin II high efficiency toilet is 22 inches long and the tank and bowl match perfectly in their shapes. The front bowl has an elongated design as Toto toilet. Without the seat, the top of the bowl measures 16 1/2 inches. The decorative design makes it attractive in any bathroom and the two-piece design allows you to disassemble it more easily. It is a high efficiency toilet that is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Toilet Reviews 2017

The best toilets are effective, efficient, and subtly stylish. They’ll help you deal with your 2017/11/19/233522bodily duties quickly and easily, without headaches or calls to the plumber. You deserve something that flushes powerful and cleanly, something that works so effortlessly you almost forget it’s there.

With all of these factors in mind, we’ve looked at many of the best-selling and critically acclaimed models on the market today, weighing the pros against the cons, and comparing both features and specs to determine which options are truly the best available today.


What makes a great toilet?

Every household is unique, and so is everybody in a household. So, the best toilet for you won’t necessarily be the best one for someone else. Having said that,  there are a few basic factors that make any toilet purchase a great long-term investment, or help flush your money away.

Of course, price is the most important factor for most shoppers. Unlike a lot of other products in the plumbing world, the amount you pay only dictates the quality you get to a certain point.

The good news for homeowners on a budget is that a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a better toilet. Most of our favorite models linger around the mid-price range, and all of them perform better than those sold for twice the price! So, a great toilet costs much less than it looks or feels like it should.

Now, what feels good about a quality throne? Performance is the key. You’ll want one that flushes cleanly, fills up quietly, and doesn’t have you calling your local plumber twice a month. Remember, the best fixtures are the ones you notice least! The ideal toilet operates quietly and cleanly, so you can get on with your life.

Appearance is also important to think about, especially for if you’re a on a remodeling kick and are looking for a piece to complement your new bathroom design. You’ll want to think about what kind of a piece will match your other bathroom fixtures, as well as your overall aesthetic.

A great throne blends seamlessly into the bathroom without drawing too much attention. At the same time, it’s styled enough to set itself above the utilitarian fixtures you see in a gas station. Aim for something clean, smart, and unobtrusive.

Finally, the top rated toilet use water efficiently and effectively. That’s why the amount of water per flush is an important factor to consider before you buy. On average, toilets account for about 30% of household water usage.

Whether you’re looking to cut back on your eco-footprint or save money on your water bill (or both), a good model should be able to reduce your water usage without compromising flushing power.

Super cleaning toilet brush in the market

Quickie European

Designed for quick cleaning, Quickie European is a valuable toilet cleaner with many desirable features. If you have a large toilet that requires a lot of cleaning effort, for example, it is one of the best products to use. Because it is light, for example, you can clean more time without getting tired. Its rounded head, on the other hand, has thick bristles that cleanse. You do not have to waste a lot of time cleaning a section, as it always does with low quality brushes.

Porcelain or portable toilets that people have at home or in recreational vehicles are expensive accessories. To protect the product from scratches or scratches that can reduce your physical attractiveness, use the Quickie European bath brush. Unlike some models with hard and pointed bristles, it has a soft polyester fiber that does not scratch the lungs. It also has a well-rounded and well-finished head that penetrates and cleans hard-to-reach areas without diminishing the total value of your toilet.

Although it is professional level, Quickie European is an affordable toilet brush. It is also durable, resistant to odors and has a comfortable European-style handle with a non-slip grip. Buy one to get a free cylindrical cart for secure storage.



 European style anti-slip handle

Odor resistant design

Soft polyfiber bristles

Head and rounded edges

Light design

Cylindrical Caddy

Best toilet cleaner in the market

Vanish Drop-ins Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 88

The Vanish Drop-Ins automatic toilet cleaner contains borax that increases cleaning. The cleaner is able to combat stubborn stains, lime stains, mineral stains and hard water. Cleans and deodorizes the toilet bowl with each flush and does not damage septic or plumbing systems.

Unfortunately, the use of toilet cleaners inside the tank has its own disadvantages. The toilet bowl should still be scrubbed with a brush or rod from time to time. Many people do not like to clean their toilets with toilet cleaners in the tank, as they contain bleach that can be detrimental to the toilet tank. The bleach can destroy the rubber components of the tank and shorten its life. Many toilet manufacturers declare that their warranty would be voided if cleansers are used in the toilet.

You need this top-of-the-line toilet cleaner for hard water and ring cleaners

Consumers make comments regardless of whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with certain products. However, when looking for cleaning products for the home, especially if you are a newbie, you will need help or encouragement from those who write good things about the specific cleaning products they have already tried to use, as they will provide the necessary guidance based on the Experience Below are among the best cleaning bowls found online:


Toilet cleaners in the tank

A good toilet bowl cleaner are also known as automatic or instant-use toilet bowl cleaners. These cleaners consist of a cartridge that can be dropped into the toilet tank or hung from the rim of the toilet bowl. Each time the toilet is flushed, these dispensers automatically clean the toilet bowl using the cartridge solution.

These automatic cleaners are very easy to use and maintain. They are excellent disinfectants and kill most germs and bacteria. Cleaners are best for those who do not find time to clean and scrub the toilets. The two toilet cleansers in the most popular tank found on the market are Clorox and Vanish.


Reliance Fold-To-Go portable toilet

portable toilet portable toiletOur best portable toilet is the Reliance Fold-To-Go portable toilet and it comes with easy maintenance and an easy-to-clean standard doodie bag that helps you clean this portable toilet. As for the ease of use, a handle is integrated with this toilet system so you can easily transport it from one place to another. When it comes to reliability, it is a system that locks the legs of the super portable toilet and helps keep it stable no matter what happens.

When it comes to capacity and durability, the portable toilet has a capacity of 300 pounds. And, in addition, when it comes to portability, this portable toilet is excellent because it can double up to 5 inches in height. And what's more, the toilet is highly collapsible for easy transport and storage, making it truly a portable toilet.


A great solution when you need a toilet for your children or seniors during a trip, the Reliance Fold-To-Go portable toilet can be used by anyone of all ages, and in addition, the portable toilet is very light at only 4.5 pounds of weight. The portable toilet is so comfortable that it is at a height of 14 inches. It is really an ideal companion and a help tool for hiking, camping, life in mobile homes, life in the cabin and cases of survival outside the network and because it is very resistant, you can take it to many trips as much as may be possible. In fact, you can even use it while hunting or while traveling in a boat.

A portable toilet perfect for emergency purposes, most truckers can also benefit from this portable toilet, apart from happy campers. The Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet is backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty for defects.

How to turn any toilet into a low-flow toilet

Standard toilets can use up to seven gallons of water per flush. Low-flow toilets use only 1.6 gallons. If you long for water savings from a unique low flow toilet but are not ready to pay the money for a new toilet, you are in luck. With some simple modifications, you can turn your water-consuming toilet into a low-flow toilet and water.

The beauty of many of these devices to save water in the toilet is that some are easy to install, no matter how inexperienced you are.


Start with the adjustable flap and the tank bag, which are very easy to install.

What you need to save water with your current toilet

  • One adjustable flap
  • A toilet tank bag
  • A filling valve diverter
  • A leak detection tablet

This is how to turn your toilet to save water

  1. Install an adjustable fin

Several manufacturers manufacture toilet fins that can be adjusted to control the amount of water that flows into the toilet when it is rinsed. Check which model of toilet you have and buy the right wing. Install the adjustable flap on your toilet. Then, experiment until you find the right fit for your needs, giving enough color to wash the contents without wasting water.

  • Water saving: up to three gallons per discharge

Review of KOHLER Highline Classic Toilet

Kohler K-3713-0 Highline Classic Comfort two-piece elongated length (see last price) is the best elongated Kohler toilet that comes with many functions and powerful operation. It is as simple to install as there is a complete installation that is really easy to understand. The most surprising thing about the KOHLER Highline toilet is that its size is almost 10 inches. It is one of the best toilets on the market at the moment with a powerful download system. It is made with Vitrious China metrial which is really great for a long life and a beautiful shine. It comes in several colors. You can choose which one suits the color of your bathroom and your needs. More info:


KOHLER Memoirs 1.6 gallon toilet review

If you are a demanding type of person, the elongated 1.6 gallon KOHLER K-3819-96 Memoirs Classic Comfort Height two-piece toilet (see last price) is perfect for you. It comes in 7 different and beautiful colors, each with different price tags, mainly for the color factor, with black being the most expensive and elegant too. It has a comfortable height and an elongated seat that makes it comfortable to sit on.

To eliminate waste with pressure, use exclusive Class Five® technology and get a clean bowl after each discharge. The discharge system itself is efficient in the use of water since it only uses 1.6 gallons. KOHLER has simplified its installation a lot. Only the installation of 3 bolts is required. Even if you're not such a creative geek, you can still easily install it by following the instruction manual. The smooth surface prevents the growth of debris and mold in different parts, which facilitates cleaning

KOHLER Wellworth 1.6 gallon bath review

If you are looking for beauty and elegance with striking glamor, beauty and decoration, opt for the KOHLER K-3978-0 Wellworth Elongated 1.6 GPF toilet (see last price). It is a comfortable and elongated toilet and comes as a single unit. This model also uses Class Five ® technology to wash waste material at full pressure. When you unload the tank, the water is pushed with force using the natural force of gravity in the container, and this guarantees a neat and clean toilet after each discharge. The company has made intelligent and compact ergonomics so that it can easily fit into small spaces as well.

While it is a one-piece toilet and a little heavy too, it still requires only the installation of three bolts that saves time and is quite simple as well. In addition, the company has ensured that the toilet has no corners or hidden spaces where waste or mold can grow out of sight. In this way, you can easily clean it whenever you want. To ensure its long life, I recommend cleaning it twice in a week