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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale


In this EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale review you will see that this amazing scale is not only precise but it complements the decor of the room it is in. It is good looking and easy to use. No more tapping to get the unit to turn on, like the older models. Just step up onto the roomy, stable platform and get your measurement. Its simplicity of use and design are just a couple of its greatest features.
The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale gives a measurement in Pounds, Kilos, and Stones with a graduation of .2lbs or .1kg on its large 3.5″ display window. The backlight of the display is a very cool blue which makes it very easy to see even from a distance. Even people with vision problems have little trouble reading the digital display.
To get a measurement, you just step up onto the EatSmart scale and within seconds you get an accurate measurement up to 400lbs. The unit measures with a graduation of .2lbs/.1kg for great accuracy. The face of the scale is made of tempered glass for great strength and it’s a mere 4lbs in weight.
The main features of this amazing scale are:
Very easy to use with no tapping to turn it on
It compliments any bathroom decor
Its LCD display is oversized for ease of viewing, 3.5″
Just step on and you get the results in seconds
A 100% satisfaction guarantee by the company
This scale has demonstrated that it has a very dependable measurement rating. You can step up multiple times and you will always get a precise, accurate measurement every time. The .2 variant is a minor amount and even doctor scales have some variance. No more measurement mistakes. Its ease of use and reliability in measurement makes it a popular choice.
When you step up on this superior scale, you will notice how large and stable the platform is. Not a tiny platform where you have to shuffle around to get your reading, but a roomy 12″ x 13″. This gives you a stability and comfort when you step up on the platform and get your measurement.
This scale comes with 4 triple A batteries when you purchase it. It also has a great instruction guide to help you set up and use your new product correctly. All your questions will be answered. The company also gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the product. They stand behind their EatSmart Precision Digital Scale and are quick to answer any questions about their product. They are a family owned business and want to keep their customers satisfied.
This is a great scale for ease of use, accuracy and dependability for measurements. One drawback for this great scale is the short life of the batteries. The battery life could be longer and you may want to try rechargeable batteries with this unit to save money.
All in all, this EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is a great product. It is dependable, accurate, simple for the eyes to read, and looks great in any room decor. With a large, comfortable platform, it is easy to step up and get that near instant measurement within a fraction of a pound, which is a reasonable measurement. A definite must for any home.