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Top and Common Brushed Nickel Bathroom Fixtures


Bathroom Fixture Styles

Once you have decided what fixtures to include in your bathroom, it is time to select the style of those fixtures. The style of fixtures you choose depends on your personal preferences and the look and feel you are going for. If you are going for a modern bathroom, you want to select fixtures that are simple, streamlined and often angular. Modern style fixtures often feature geometric or swirl designs. These modern style bathroom fixtures best compliment streamlined pedestal sinks and curvy whirlpool or rectangular tubs.
If going with a classic design style in your bathroom you want to choose fixtures that are curvier and have more embellishments such as fluting or floral designs. These classic style fixtures pair nicely with claw foot or pedestal tubs, as well as marble sinks, whether pedestal or vanity-sink combinations.

Bathroom Fixture Finishes | Why You Would Want To Choose Brushed Nickel

[Nickel Bathroom Fixtures] After you have selected the style of your bathroom fixtures, you need to choose the finish for those fixtures. Among the most important things to consider when choosing a finish is the color of the finish and looks or feels you are hoping to achieve in the finished bathroom.
Brass bathroom fixtures were very popular for many years, however now most people consider them to be dated. In a glitzy, very grand bathroom, brass bathroom fixtures are a fitting choice in keeping with the formal style. Brass fixtures tend to be high maintenance in that they easily show water spots and fingerprints.

Another option in bathroom fixture finishes is chrome. Chrome has become more of the standard bathroom faucets choice since it works with many different styles, especially modern. However, like brass fixtures chrome also shows fingerprints and water spots.
[Bathroom Light Fixtures Brushed Nickel] Unlike chrome and brass bathroom fixtures, which are shiny, brushed nickel bathroom fixtures have a matte finish. It is for this reason as well as how low maintenance they are that brushed nickel bathroom fixtures are becoming increasingly popular.
Brushed nickel fixtures have been “wired brushed” to show directional lines and abrasions. These textured details help hide fingerprints, water spots and scratches; making this finish an ideal choice for any bathroom. When going for a classic look, pair brushed nickel bath fixtures with white surfaces. Pairing slate and granite with nickel bathroom fixtures is a sure fire way to create a modern styled bathroom.

It is important to remember when selecting brushed nickel bathroom hardware and brushed nickel bathtub faucets to stick with one brand of fixtures since the brushed nickel can vary between brands. This variance between brands is caused in part by a variation in the blue and yellow undertones that result in the brushed nickel to have more warmth than finishes such as stainless steel. It is also important to note that brushed nickel bathroom fixtures cannot withstand hard, abrasive cleaners and they are best cleaned using mild soap and a soft cloth.
Brushed nickel faucets, lighting fixtures, and accessories will help make your bathrooms look modern and classy. You can start your search for the perfect brushed nickel bathroom fixtures on where you will find the largest selection at the best prices!