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Heated Wall Towel Rack - For that Touch of Hotel Style Luxury

What makes the hotel style towel warmer different from your heated wall towel rack found in the home? As the name would imply, this is the same design which is common in hotel bathrooms: it’s made of a shelf and a rack all in one piece.

These racks make the most efficient use of their space by allowing you to dry off used towels and store additional, fresh towels at the same time. Now you can enjoy the stylish look of a hotel-worthy bathroom fixture within your own home, with the added benefit of having all of your towels heated at the same time.
While many people enjoy the look of a hotel towel rack, remember that not everything that looks great in a hotel room will necessarily look great in your home too. Take your time when selecting your towel warmer, find one that matches cialis online price your bathroom well.
What Kinds of Hotel Style Towel Warmer are Available?
These types of radiators vary primarily in the type of materials that they are made of and the amount of towels that they can hold. Below I have listed some of the popular options available, which are described in more detail.
Chrome Towel Radiator - Hotel-Style
Chrome towel warmers are popular for their elegant chrome finish appearance, like the Amba Deluxe Towel Warmer with Shelf (pictured left) for example, which is also one buy viagra online of the easiest surfaces to clean. If you are shopping on a budget, you can purchase chrome radiators that are plated with chrome rather than made of solid chrome. These types of racks will be significantly cheaper and can give you the same appealing look at a lower price,.
Hotel Towel Rack Brushed Nickel
One of the most popular trends among hotels lately is the use of brushed nickel towel warmers into their bathroom designs. Satin nickel is a more affordable material than chrome that has a similar, classy finish.
Satin nickel often costs only half of the price of comparable, chrome towel rails; this may be a great option for you if your bathroom fixtures are already made of nickel or have a similar, matching finish.
Multi – Bathroom Towel Rails
Many hotels favor plain towel racks that can hold a great number of towels at once in order to keep their guests happy. These racks are not heated but are just a plain ladder towel rail. At home you may want the capacity of a hotel style towel rack, but with the heating element also.  Luckily there are many varieties of multi-bathroom towel warmer to choose from.
You may find that these heated towel racks are in the same price range as your standard towel bar, yet delivers the extra benefits and comfort of heat too!
These three options are just the beginning of your choices; don’t forget that both the finish of a bathroom towel warmer and the style of the rack need to complement your bathroom. Consider your options carefully in order to find your bath heated towel warmer. As long as you have clearly defined your priorities before you begin shopping, you are sure to bring home an ideal heated towel rack, which may add that luxury hotel feeling into your everyday life.