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Warm Up This Winter With a Bidet Seat

Winter is settling upon us once again, and the simple act of getting out of bed to start your day can be a tall order on a cold morning. While staying in a warm bed and hibernating until spring may sound nice on a cold day, it’s not much of an option for most of us. But we here at bidets PLUS do have one surefire method to ward off the wintry temperatures in the morning: a new bidet toilet seat! Yes, trudging into the bathroom and facing a freezing toilet seat will be a thing of the past with a fully featured electronic bidet this season.
The biggest reason people want a bidet is because of the obvious health and hygiene benefits that come with cleaning with water. But besides the great wash functions, one of the most popular features – particularly in these cooler months – is the heated seat. Luckily manufacturers have taken note of the importance of this option for customers. All of the electronic units that we carry at bidets PLUS include a heated seat. The seat temperature even has adjustable settings, so you can find your own perfect toasty-warm setting.
Another popular feature that brings the heat is a warm air dryer. The warm air dryer offers a heated breeze to dry you similar to a warm air hand dryer found in many restrooms. Like the seat temperature, the air dryer temperature can also be adjusted to fit your level of comfort with cool air in the summer and warmer air in the winter. You may find yourself using the warm air dryer even if you don’t use the wash functions just to warm yourself up before taking on the chilly winter weather!
Of course, the ability to wash with water is the primary feature of a bidet seat, so it is no surprise that the most coveted “warm” feature of all is heated water. All of our electronic models come equipped with a warm water spray which is temperature adjustable. Many of the models we carry offer on-demand, thankless heating which supplies continuous warm water for as long as you wishes to use it.
Given all these great heating features, it is easy to see why as the temperature falls, the number of people warming up on their bidet seat goes up. Installing one of our seats only takes about 30 minutes or less, and with so many seats chock full of adjustable warmth settings, the typically cold bathroom can quickly become an inviting warm escape from winter!