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Best Toilet Reviews 2017

The best toilets are effective, efficient, and subtly stylish. They’ll help you deal with your 2017/11/19/233522bodily duties quickly and easily, without headaches or calls to the plumber. You deserve something that flushes powerful and cleanly, something that works so effortlessly you almost forget it’s there.

With all of these factors in mind, we’ve looked at many of the best-selling and critically acclaimed models on the market today, weighing the pros against the cons, and comparing both features and specs to determine which options are truly the best available today.


What makes a great toilet?

Every household is unique, and so is everybody in a household. So, the best toilet for you won’t necessarily be the best one for someone else. Having said that,  there are a few basic factors that make any toilet purchase a great long-term investment, or help flush your money away.

Of course, price is the most important factor for most shoppers. Unlike a lot of other products in the plumbing world, the amount you pay only dictates the quality you get to a certain point.

The good news for homeowners on a budget is that a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a better toilet. Most of our favorite models linger around the mid-price range, and all of them perform better than those sold for twice the price! So, a great toilet costs much less than it looks or feels like it should.

Now, what feels good about a quality throne? Performance is the key. You’ll want one that flushes cleanly, fills up quietly, and doesn’t have you calling your local plumber twice a month. Remember, the best fixtures are the ones you notice least! The ideal toilet operates quietly and cleanly, so you can get on with your life.

Appearance is also important to think about, especially for if you’re a on a remodeling kick and are looking for a piece to complement your new bathroom design. You’ll want to think about what kind of a piece will match your other bathroom fixtures, as well as your overall aesthetic.

A great throne blends seamlessly into the bathroom without drawing too much attention. At the same time, it’s styled enough to set itself above the utilitarian fixtures you see in a gas station. Aim for something clean, smart, and unobtrusive.

Finally, the top rated toilet use water efficiently and effectively. That’s why the amount of water per flush is an important factor to consider before you buy. On average, toilets account for about 30% of household water usage.

Whether you’re looking to cut back on your eco-footprint or save money on your water bill (or both), a good model should be able to reduce your water usage without compromising flushing power.