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The World's First Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat will be available for Home use

November 25 2003--The cleaning process is triggered automatically after each use; no special action is required by the person using the toilet. The method is simple; the toilet seat of the clean seat rotates through a hygiene sluice which cleans and disinfects the seat. Within 15 seconds the seat is hygienically safe and ready for the next user.

Toilet users who want to be extra sure of hygiene can repeat the cleaning procedure before using the toilet, without touching any part of the installation - a built-in sensor triggers the cleaning process anew whenever the user's hand passes near the function display.

The colour-coded function display provides clear information about the status of the system; green means the toilet seat is clean and ready for use, yellow means the cleaning procedure should be initiated, and red means servicing is required (you just contact your service provider, no fuss on your part). Safety is built in: an automatic blocking mechanism protects the user and guards against damage. The cleaning and disinfectant solution is gentle on the skin and fully biodegradable. It is dispensed in small quantities and produces absolutely no waste.

In addition, we can install an auto flusher that will flush your toilet after every use.