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The Unique portable toilet with a triangular design

A unique portable toilet, the Reliance Tri-To-Go portable toilet for camping chair has a total weight of only 4 pounds because it is very easy to transport and lightweight. It is an ideal portable toilet option for those who wish to hike or camp and can be folded into a small bag due to its portability and easy assembly as a top quality camping toilet.

The portable toilet comes with the mechanism of using doodie bags for easy use and also has a total capacity of 300 lbs. Super comfortable to use, this portable toilet also has a unique triangular feature that sets it apart from most portable toilets that exist. The comfortable seat also adds convenience to any user for the portable bathroom.

The Reliance Tri-To-Go portable toilet sits at a height of 24 inches and is very easy to clean with the bagging system. It can also be converted into a camping chair when necessary and a washable sock is a very hygienic feature of this portable toilet. It also has a very convenient support for toilet paper so you can feel comfortable when using it and the toilet lid also acts as a cover to transform it into a stool for double use. You can also hang it on your back because of its portability and ability to fold. It is also ideal for camping and trekking.


The best autonomous portable toilet

The Reliable Products Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet is a unique and reliable standalone portable toilet with easy-to-use mechanism and design. In addition, it is also very light with only 5 pounds of weight. It goes hand in hand with any double doodie bag for easy use and cleaning.

The toilet paper holder adds comfort to this incredibly designed portable toilet. On the other hand, there is also an inner splash cover that acts as the holder of your toilet paper. In addition to that, the seat is also contoured to fit ergonomically to anyone. The Hassock toilet by Reliance Products is at a height of 14 inches and is an ideal portable toilet for use on both boats and campsites.

The product is also a great portable toilet for hunters and those who need to go to nature and the inner bucket is also removable so you can get rid of debris faster and much more conveniently. Also, it gives you the feeling of having a bathroom in the home. The Reliance Products portable toilet is backed by a 5 year warranty for manufacturer's defects.